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Benefits Of Recycling
Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem.
We at E-RECON RECYCLING ensure quality, reliability and continuous technology upgradation in our system of e waste recycling. Our services consists of creating a mix of reuse and recycling of electric & electronic waste to have a zero environmental impact and maximize value from the process of E-waste disposal. The solution consists of a mix of manual and automated process.so that to protect the environment from the toxic effect of e-waste. We at E-RECON RECYCLING is committed to be the world leaders in efficient and environmentally sound management of E-waste, to be accountable to 1st of all to all society members then it employees,

customers, suppliers, government, and the environment at by giving them exceptional service and economic returns and also to help mother earth to harvest maximum resources. E-RECON RECYCLING’s management believes that the approaches towards protecting environment, securing health and ensuring safety of its employees are of utmost significance. We are totally dedicated and committed to conduct e-waste management in an environmentally responsible manner with good health and safety practices and thereby conserving the environment and making safe, healthy and accident free work place.
We at E-RECON RECYCLING is having misson of e-waste recyclers likes to provide top class infrastruture and solution in e- waste recycling. Protect our environment and preserve the natural resources. To provide total support to our clients in E-Waste handling, collection, transport, documentation and other related areas. While going through Our E-RECON RECYCLING Mission we are adding values as
We consider E-Waste not as waste, but a resource for recovery in an environmental friendly manner to protect environment.
Our motto is 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology.
Our country needs simpler cost effective technologies with maximum resource recovery of metals, plastic and glass by recycling electronic waste in environmental friendly way.
Become a centre of excellence for electronic waste recycling.
Recover maximum resources from electronic waste and minimize landfill.
Adopt cleaner technologies and best practices and strive for continual improvement.
Adopt measures for the prevention of air, water & soil pollution.
Provide safe and healthy working conditions to all persons working under the control of our organization by providing adequate facilities.
Committed to prevent injury and ill health and strive for continual improvement in overall occupational health & safety performance.
Comply with all applicable Environmental and Health and Safety legislation and other requirement.
Equip the employees with the information, instruction, training supervision to ensure Environment awareness and also their health and safety.
Conduct audits, mock drills and periodic health monitoring to ensure compliance with Health & Safety management requirement.
This policy will be communicated to all the persons working under the control of organizations, interested parties and shall be regularly reviewed.
We at E-RECON RECYCLING is having sound management of E-Waste and hazardous materials with 99% recycling efficiency. We add value to waste materials.