Welcome to E-Recon Recycling
Benefits Of Recycling
Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem.
Our process is simple and allows a fully auditable route for all equipment collected.
We collect redundant equipment from your office, factory or warehouse using our own fully trained, uniformed and security cleared staff. All paperwork provided details the collection and disposal points as well as company information such as our waste certificate.
All non hazardous equipment such as IT equipment and telecoms equipment is recycled using an automated our recycling plant to recover the raw, reusable materials.
Source of E-wastes
Solder in printed circuit boards, glass panels and gaskets in computer monitors.

Chip resistors and semiconductors.

Relays and switches, printed circuit boards.

Corrosion protection of untreated and galvanized steel plates, decorator or hardner for steel housings.
Cabling and computer housing.

Plastic housing of electronic equipments and circuit boards.
Front panel of CRTs.


Lead (PB)

Cadmium (CD)

Mercury (Hg)

Hexavalent chromium (Cr) VI

Plastics including PVC

Brominated flame retardants (BFR)
Barium (Ba)

Beryllium (Be)

Health Effects
- Damage to central and peripheral
   nervous systems, blood systems and
   kidney damage.
- Affects brain development of children.
- Toxic irreversible effects on human
- Accumulates in kidney and liver.
- Causes neural damage.
- Teratogenic.
- Chronic damage to the brain.
- Respiratory and skin disorders due to
   bioaccumulation in fishes.
- Asthmatic bronchitis.
- DNA damage.

Burning produces dioxin. It causes
- Reproductive and developmental
- Immune system damage.
- Interfere with regulatory hormones.
- Disrupts endocrine system functions.

Short term exposure causes:
- Affects brain development of children.
- Damage to heart, liver and spleen.
- Carcinogenic (lung cancer)
- Inhalation of fumes and dust. Causes
  chronic beryllium disease or
- Skin diseases such as warts.